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Whitehouse Real Estate, renowned for their curated selection of luxurious coastal properties, sought a digital presence that matched their prestige. Inspired by the serene ocean and pristine beaches, we crafted a website that exudes elegance and sophistication. The sleek design, paired with a tranquil colour palette of blues and whites, mirrors the exclusive lifestyle Whitehouse offers.  The result is a user-friendly platform that seamlessly showcases their exceptional properties, inviting potential buyers to experience coastal luxury at its finest.


The website was using a plugin that allowed them to sync up with their property management system called Agentbox. Which allows them to create property profiles and push that live across multiple platforms as well as their website with one click of a button.

The proposed solution was to use Wix Studio, which is not only easy to manage and update but also offers an advanced design interface that provides greater design flexibility and control over your website's elements, allowing fully responsive websites by customising layouts for different devices, ensuring optimal user experience across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

To maintain the ability for them to manage their properties on Agentbox and still push them onto the site, we custom-build them at API integration with Agentbox working closely with the client and Agentbox to maintain and improve on the data that was being pulled through onto the site.

With the additional content provided by the client, we made sure to include SEO optimised titles and subheadings to make sure that the appropriate search terms and keyword phrases were added across the site.


The agency has seen a significant increase since launching with over 4000 unique visitors since going live in late March.

White House Real Estate is Real Estate agency based in Balgowlah Sydney whom approached us late last year with a requirement to redesign their Wordpress site

One of the key requirements was to make the website user-friendly so they could easily update and manage the site as their previous developer had been unavailable for quick changes, making it challenging to keep updated.

The website also required a complete overhaul from a design and content perspective as it did not adequately reflect the new rebrand.

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