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Affordable sydney website designer



Our project involved the design of a logo and the creation of a Wix website to develop a brand that incorporated the symbolism of the silver fern while evoking a sense of calm, inviting people to view their situations from an elevated perspective.

To begin, our design team carefully studied the concept and ethos of the business. We recognized the significance of the silver fern, a powerful symbol in New Zealand's Māori culture, representing strength, growth, and new beginnings. We decided to incorporate this iconic emblem into the logo design to convey a sense of resilience and transformation.

The logo was designed using natural colors, predominantly shades of green. Green represents harmony, growth, and balance, which aligns perfectly with the psychological well-being offered by the business. The use of green also established a strong connection with nature, symbolizing renewal and a fresh perspective.

For the website, we aimed to create a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing online presence. The site's layout was designed to be simple and intuitive, allowing users to navigate effortlessly and find the information they needed.

Throughout the website, we integrated imagery of nature. These visuals served to create a soothing atmosphere, aligning with the business's objective of inviting individuals and communities to approach their situations from a place of calm and clarity.

Vertical Psychology is a psychology business located in Kurrajong, New South Wales with a primary focus to provide services to individuals, couples, teams, organizations, and entire communities. 

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