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Affordable sydney website designer




The goal was to create a visually stunning online platform that reflected the essence of the business, while incorporating a feminine color palette, astrological graphics, and strong, bold, striking imagery.

We opted for a minimalistic design with strong imagery because it offers a clean and focused user experience. By eliminating clutter and unnecessary elements, the website allows users to easily navigate and find the information they need while the strong imagery captures attention and conveys messages quickly and effectively.


The color palette played a crucial role in setting the tone and ambiance of the website. Natural hued colours of soft browns were selected as the foundation, creating a warm and grounding atmosphere that evoked a sense of stability and trust. Lastly, dark blush colors were incorporated to infuse a delicate and feminine energy, promoting a sense of serenity and emotional connection.


To create a lasting impact, we integrated strong, bold, and striking imagery. High-resolution photographs that conveyed emotions such as joy, tranquility, and self-discovery were carefully selected to complement the website's content. These images were prominently featured on key pages, capturing the attention of visitors and immersing them in the transformative experience the business offered.

Astrological graphics played a pivotal role in representing the business's core offerings. We incorporated celestial imagery and constellation graphics to establish a sense of cosmic connection and align with the spiritual nature of the services provided. These graphics were strategically placed throughout the website, adding depth and personality to each page while reinforcing the business's expertise in energy alignment and soul connection.


The website's layout was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, enabling visitors to navigate seamlessly through the different sections. We prioritised clear and concise information, ensuring that visitors could easily access details about the services, pricing, and the business's mission. 

Built on the Wix platform, the website allows for easy updates and maintenance. We provided the client with full training and guidance, ensuring they could manage their website efficiently and make any necessary modifications in the future.

We created an online platform that reflected the Stars & Light Collective's essence and engaged visitors from the moment they arrived.

Stars and Light Collective is a spiritual business that support clients in aligning with their true self and chosen life path through energy alignment and soul connection consultations. 

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