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This project aimed to enhance DLM's online presence, streamline user experience, and communicate the company's commitment to reliability and professionalism.


The colour scheme chosen for DLM Plant Hire's website comprises black, orange, and white, strategically selected to convey a range of emotions and associations that align with the nature of the business.

Black: This colour signifies strength, professionalism, and reliability. In the context of earth moving equipment, black exudes a sense of robustness and durability. It creates a sophisticated and timeless impression, reinforcing DLM Plant Hire's commitment to providing top-tier equipment and services.

Orange: The choice of orange injects energy, enthusiasm, and a sense of urgency. As the colour associated with construction and safety, it is a natural fit for a business dealing with heavy machinery. Orange not only grabs attention but also conveys a message of vitality and approachability, establishing a positive connection with potential clients.

White: White serves as the canvas, providing clarity, simplicity, and a clean aesthetic.The combination of black, orange, and white creates a visually appealing contrast, ensuring that information is easily readable and the overall design remains engaging.


The website is designed with the user in mind, offering intuitive navigation and a seamless interface. Clear calls-to-action guide visitors to explore DLM's diverse range of equipment, services, and expertise. The colour choices enhance readability and contribute to a visually pleasing layout that aligns with industry standards.


In acknowledgment of the diverse ways users access the internet, the website is optimised for various devices. Whether on a desktop, tablet, or mobile phone, potential clients can effortlessly browse through DLM Plant Hire's offerings, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience.

The resulting design not only reflects the essence of the business but also contributes to a memorable and user-friendly online experience. We are confident that this website will serve as a powerful tool for DLM Plant Hire to connect with its audience and continue to thrive in the earth-moving equipment rental industry.

DLM Plant Hire offers earthmoving equipment needs, specialising in both hire and sales. With a focus on versatility and cutting-edge solutions, they provide a comprehensive range of plant equipment and attachments, catering to projects of all sizes.

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