Project Requirements: Logo Design | Brand Style Guide | Colour Palette| Bookings Website Design & Build | Image Sourcing | Basic SEO 

Caroline Speakman is a trauma and grief counsellor based in Australia.


Therapists and counsellors need websites to reach a wider audience and promote their services to their local area. 


Caroline is a down to earth individual with a strong affinity to the water and the soft and gentle aesthetic which complements her method of treating her clients.


We wanted to create a site that represented Caroline's personality while also being professional and welcoming to prospective clientele. We strategically used soft colours with an appropriate amount of “white space” in this minimalist design to convey a calming and welcoming feeling for her visitors to the site.  


We made sure that the website’s theme, message, and mission were clear throughout the pages. Consistency across a website means that site visitors can more easily digest the information while a strong personal brand inspires trust, which is really key within the therapist and counsellor space. Research has shown that businesses and brands which maintain higher levels of consistency across all areas of their website and wider platforms are perceived as more authentic.


We used Wix to create this site, as it is one of the easiest website platforms to manage and update yourself. We believe in enabling our clients to be able to make their own changes so we offer comprehensive training as part of the package. 

Therapist website design