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Project RequirementsWebsite Migration | Website Redesign & Build | Domain Redirect Management | Image Sourcing | Brand Palette Creation | Copywriting | Basic SEO | Graphic Design | Content Creation

Tuff Nutterz is an Australian based events and entertainment business that hosts events around the country with their giant inflatable obstacle courses. 

The requirement was to assist the business in migrating their existing website that was on Squarespace with a completely new look and feel onto Wix. 

The key aspect of this project was to assist and guide Tuff Nutterz on the right layout and design that easily explained what they do and made it super easy for their clients to navigate around the site and book tickets. 

Having an existing logo and illustrative mascot, the brief was to use these brand assets to bring the brand to life in a fun and creative way. 

Colour is one of the most powerful tools in a designer’s toolkit. It draws attention, sets the tonality, influences emotions, perceptions and drives action. So it makes sense that colour should be considered with care for every design decision, particularly on websites. When it came to Tuff Nutterz's web design, a lot of thought went into the use of colour to bring the brand to life, draw attention to important elements and make their web design memorable. To coincide with the colours of the obstacle courses themselves, we used blue, purple, yellow and green in a variety of ways through bold graphics and textures throughout the site. These colours were not only chosen due to their relevance but also due to the psychological response that people have to colours and how it drives conversions. Research has shown that that 35% of women said blue was their favourite colour, followed by purple (23%) and green (14%). While men preferred blue, green, and black. Which were the primary colours used in the Tuff Nutterz web design. 

To complement the bright bold colour theme we also added high quality imagery and fun, engaging graphics and illustrations. Images are an easy way to improve the user experience of a website. 90% of all information that we perceive, gets transmitted to our brains visually. The use of these images and graphics draw attention and guide the visitor’s line of sight while also triggering an emotional response throughout. 

The migration from Squarespace to Wix was seamless with minimal downtime. All completed within a few days. 

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Danielle is a master in her craft. Very quick to conceptualise the best flow for the website for the optimal user experience. My website is beautiful and on point for my audience. Incredible value for money! Highly recommended.

Bruce, Owner

Tuff Nutterz

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